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New for 2010: The Mellor Heritage Map and Walks Booklet
The Map identifies 58 heritage sites and is accompanied by a Walks Booklet of 12 heritage walks within the Project Area and giving cross-references to all of the heritage sites they pass. The 12 heritage walks include:
1. Mellor landscapes [church to Shiloh road] - 4.5m km
2. Mill Brow, wealth of water power - 6 km
3. Around the Northwest [Bottoms Hall to Etherow] - 9.5 km
4. Three Brookbottoms figure of 8 - 12 km
5. A prehistoric perambulation [Cobden edge to Chisworth] - 13.5 km
6. Samuel Oldknow [Marple to Roman Bridge] - 6 km
7. John Wesley, Methodists and Independents [Devil's Elbow to Paradise] - 11.5 km
8. An approach from New Mills - 3.5 km
9. The deep south - 4 km
10. A northern amble - 5.75 km
11. The inner circle - 9 km
12. Round the boundary - 25 km
The map and Guide are both sold together in a wallet for £5.00 (plus 80p post and packing)

The New DVD - Life on the Edge
Also new for 2010 is an exciting new DVD updating the history of the site over the last 10 yearsbut also including recordings of personal memories and social history from some of the older inhabitants of Mellor
and exciting footage of our Iron Age ancestors living and working on the hilltop site.

Previous Publications still available

The Secrets of Mellor Hilltop - 8 years of digging, 8000 years of History DVD
Using arial photography, animated graphics and virtual reality reconstruction the film tells the full story from Ann Hearle first noticing the crop marks in the dry summer of 1995 right through to the  medieval discoveries of 2006, with the succession of habitation from the end of the last ice age to the present occupants.

The DVD is available by main order for £12.00 plus £2.00 post & packing

Bothe DVDs have been produced by Chris Mann, who had happened to be helping out with the car parking back in 2003 and has his own production company Mannmade Productions. His initial video Ancient Mellor Revealed, reached runner up in its section of the 2004 British Archaeology Awards.

The Mellor Book - Living on the Edge
Information taken from a study day held at the Parish Centre in 2003, which attracted several leading Archeaologists whose presentations form the basis of the book " Mellor, Living on the edge". This was the first volume in the new Manchester Archaeological Monographs series.

The book is available by mail order for �10.00 plus �2.00 post & packing.

The University of Manchester Academic Reports
Each year the academic reports on the excavations at Mellor are made available here on our website

Newspapaper and Magazine Articles
Below are copies of several articles which have been included in both local and national publications: (click to enlage all images)

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An article about our Australian Volunteer - Stockport Expess August 2007
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History gives up its Hilltop Secrets - Marple Review Spring 2006

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Article about the Archaeology for All conference (pdf) Manchester University 2008