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Mesolithic Flints Pre Iron Age Feature Mesolithic Period Highlights of 1998 1998 Report
Neolithic Chisel Prehistoric Ditches Neolithic period Highlights of 1999 1999 Report
Plano Convex Knife Shaw Cairn Bronze Age Highlights of 2000 2000 Report
Bronze Age Flint Dagger Roundhouses Iron Age Highlights of 2001 2001 Report
Amber Beads Poss Romano Britsh Romano British Period Highlights of 2002 2002 Report
Prehistoric Pottery Medieval Aisled Hall Anglo Norse Period Highlights of 2003 2003 Report
Mellor Pot Mellor Mill Norman Period Highlights of 2004 2004 Report
Fire Cracked Pebbles   Medieval Period Highlights of 2005 2005 Report
Metalworking Slag   Post Medieval Period Highlights of 2006 2006 Report
Briquetage Salt Containers     Highlights of 2007 2007 Report
Querns     Highlights of 2008 2008 Report
Roman Pottery     Highlights of 2009 2009 Report
Roman Brooches        
Roman Coins Other Archaeological Interest    
Font in Mellor Church    
Mercian Crosses Archaeology in Antiquity Stockport Story Museum    
Barbed Iron Arrowheads The Geology of the Area The Well    
Medieval Finds Natural History      
Clay Pipes Geophysics at Mellor      
Post Medieval Finds        
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