Stockport Story Museum

All finds from Mellor are catalogued, stored and displayed in the Stockport Story Museum at Staircase House. In return the Museums Service provide equipment and expertise to help us set up information panels and displays for the Open Weekends.

Follow the Stockport Story link to check the opening times
and find map and directions to the Museum.

The Origins Gallery at the Stockport Story Museum which contains all the finds from Mellor was officially re-opened in July 2010.
With thanks to Pauline Nield of Stockport Council for photographs of the event.

Click to enlarge image ofJohn Hearle at the reopening of the Origins Gallery Click to enlarge image of the Lady Mayoress cutting the opening ribbon Click to enlarge image of the Lady mayoress viewing the  film sequence of the Prehistoric hilltop Click to enlarge image of the Amber Beads on display Click to enlarge image of people involved in the gallery re-opening