The Domesday Book

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The Domesday Book of 1086 is available online but unfortunately there is no speciific entry for Mellor. There is a general description of the area however which says that All Longendale is waste woodland, unpastured, fit for hunting
which fits the bleak inhospitable upland characteristic of much of Dark Peak even today.

Ludworth does has an entry however, the name being recorded in 1086 as Lodeuorde

The Entry reads:
Place name: Ludworth in Mellor, Cheshire, Derbyshire
Folio: 273r Great Domesday Book
Domesday place name: Lodeuorde

Date 1086
Catalogue reference E 31/2/2

And the wonderful names mentioned are: Aelfric; Aethelmaer; Brun; Burton, Abbey of St Mary and St Modwenna of; Burton, Leofric, Abbot of St Mary and St Modwenna of; Burton, Geoffrey de Mala Terra, Abbot of St Mary and St Modwenna of; Church of Hope; Countess Gode; Earl Aelfgar; Godgyth; Godric; Henry de Ferrers; Karski; Ketil; King Edward as landholder; King William as donor; King William as landholder; Leofnoth; Leofwine, Bishop of Lichfield; Ligulf; Lyfing; Monks of Abbey of St Mary and St Modwenna of Burton; Ralph fitzHubert; Robert; Robert de Limesy, Bishop of Chester; Stapolwine; Swein; Uhtbrand; William Peverel

With thanks to Jonathan Day.