2003 UMAU Archaeological Report

Contents (pdf document 18k)
Images and Illustrations from the 2003 Archaeological Report
Acknowledgements (pdf document 23k)
Non Technical Summary (pdf document 26k)
Introduction (pdf document 36k)
The Physical Setting (pdf document 22k)
Aims and Methodology (pdf document 32k)
Excavation Results Trench 18 (pdf document 38k)
Excavation Results Trench 21 (pdf document 41k)
Excavation Results Trench 22 (pdf document 37k)
Excavation Results Trench 23 (pdf document 26k)
Excavation Results Trench 24 (pdf document 28k)
Excavation Results Trench 25 (pdf document 26k)
Trial Trenches 3, 4 and 5(pdf document 25k)
Trial Trenches 6 and 7 ( pdf document 25k)
Trial Trenches 8 to 15 (pdf document 29k)
Conclusions (pdf document 27k)

Mellor Context and Future direction of study - Norman Redhead

Appendix 1 Conservation Report
Appendix 2 small finds report
Appendix 2 photographs
Appendix 3 Notes on the Samian Ware
Appendix 4 The Romano British Pottery 1998–2003
Appendix 4a Romano British Pottery 2003
Appendix 5 Notes on the 2003 flintwork
Appendix 6 Pollen Analysis